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Stoner - EP - Valleys


Following the acclaimed debut album "Sometimes Water Kills People", Matilda and Marc return with their new, three-song EP “Stoner”. While still rooted in their haunting dreampop world, Valleys continue to experiment with the jagged textures and silent power that have always crept in the shadows of their sound.

Valleys harness their crystalline soundscapes with innovative studio production, melodic hooks, and a balanced palette of noise that blends their compelling arrangements with hypnotic songwriting. The end result is a collection of compositions that transcend musical barriers, creating something altogether their own…

With the shimmering propulsion of analog hum, and mesmerizing vocals that crackle and caress like the flickering of a broken neon light, Valleys stand on a deserted midnight beach forging delicately serrated melodies for the coming storm.


Ramachandra Borcar
Jaloux - Eulogy
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Ramachandra Borcar
Jaloux - Opening Theme
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Ordinary Dream
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El Boy Die
Dead Kings
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